Jodhpur’s Finest | Magnificent Pre-Wedding

Jodhpur’s Finest | Magnificent Pre-Wedding

How charming is a pre-wedding or wedding in Jodhpur?

Exuberant with Marwari traditions, a wedding in Jodhpur is a vibrant sight to behold. Many would love a wedding in Jodhpur palace to experience royalty and cheer on their special day. Blessed with a colorful culture, a Jodhpur wedding as a charm of its own. A bride fantasizes about the single most defining day of her life as she thinks of her well-planned destination wedding in Jaipur. Undoubtedly, her mind would have a runthrough of the sequence of her Jodhpur wedding events before the big day. The checklist elements of the destination wedding in Jodhpur are ticked off, the best vendors for the wedding in Jodhpur palace are chosen, and arrangements are made for the finest wedding photography Jodhpur after looking through the long list of wedding photographers in Jodhpur. As the wedding unfolds, wedding photography Jodhpur brings out the bliss of the couple and all their loved ones. With the best wedding photographers in Jodhpur, your moments are sure to be captured in all their beauty and splendor.  Interestingly, apart from weddings in Jodhpur, pre-wedding shoots are also trending in this beautiful destination.

What happens when a Marwari living Bangalore falls in love with a Marwari living in Mumbai? Where does their wedding unravel? Let’s hop onto the journey of Akriti and Ronie’s union and find out.


Who are these sweethearts?

A true Bangalorean at heart, Akriti was born and brought up in Bangalore. However, her ancestors are from Jodhpur.

Ronie is a pure Mumbaikar who plans on moving to Bangalore after the wedding. Hailing from Jalore in Rajasthan, he has lived most of his life in Mumbai itself. Defining couple goals the best, he plans on getting into the hospitality industry with Akriti after their wedding. While doing so, he wishes to also continue running his family business.


How did their fire begin?

Back in 2010, the passion between Akriti and Ronie saw a spark. Studying in CMS-JU, Bangalore, Ronie was a year senior to Akriti. A truly talented dancer, Ronie was on the college dance team. Akriti was also very passionate about dancing. Since the age of four, her love for the art continued to blossom. Quite inevitably, she auditioned for the college dance team. Ever since she got chosen for the team, Akriti and Ronie became the best of friends. The bike rides they took from college to their homes are very cherished by them. Ronie always joked that they both would end up getting married to each other. Akriti always laughed it off. She grew very close to his family over the course of seven years. One day, after Ronie’s sister’s wedding, his mother reached out to her about Akriti and Ronie. Quite obviously, Akriti and Ronie knew they were in mad, mad love with each other and would want nothing more than to spend the rest of their lives together. Couple goals, aren’t they?

A memory that brings a smile to Ronie even today is when he had met with an accident in Mumbai. While he was admitted in the hospital, Akriti was in Mumbai visiting her sister. When she went to see him, Ronie’s happiness knew no bounds. He felt all his pain disappear at the sight of her!


What was their moment?

One night, Ronie took Akriti on a drive and suddenly stopped the car on the highway and pretended that the car had some problem. Then, he asked her to check the front tyre. When she got out to check, he also got out of the car. Soon, he was down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” Inevitably thrilled beyond bounds, Akriti said “yes!”


What did their wedding look like? Did they have a wedding in Jodhpur?

Akriti and Ronie’s families wished for a resort-style wedding and that was precisely what was planned. With all the wedding in Jodhpur traditions, they had their special day set for Golden Palms Hotel & Spa, Bangalore. It was one of the craziest and most vibrant Marwari weddings. Akriti and Ronie had the time of their lives as is evident in their couple images. The chemistry between them emanates from their couple romantic pic. Their engagement unfolded at The Grand Hyatt, Mumbai and their pre-wedding shoot in Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan. A wedding filled with versatile travel, isn’t it? Interestingly, Ronie’s family was beyond excited to get the whole Baraat down South. For them, Bangalore winters are magical and they have never loved a city more. The resort’s beauty gave their couple romantic pic a charm ever so gorgeous. As they did their couple dance, their couple images captured them in their finest moments.

The vendors who paved the way for such beautiful couple photos on the pre-wedding and wedding events were:

Engagement Location: The Grand Hyatt, Mumbai

Pre-wedding Location: Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur

Wedding Location: The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa

Pre-wedding Outifit: Akshita Totlani

Caterers: The Golden Palms Hotel & Spa

Pre-wedding and Wedding Photography: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers for your pre-wedding or wedding in Jodhpur?

We, at Destination Photographers, promise to capture your pre-wedding or wedding couple photos and video in Jodhpur with the kind of beauty and charm that will instantly bring a smile to your face. Do your own couple dance, put on some quirky poses, and just be yourself as we capture your truest bliss!

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