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How exquisite is the Alila Hotel at Goa?

Goa offers a wonderful mix of nature, culture and lifestyle to experience and discover, from beautiful beaches and lush paddy fields to ancient forts and customs rooted in its colonial history. Set amidst lush paddy fields, the Alila Hotel combines the best of Goa’s contemporary architecture – high-pitched roofs, wide verandahs, and peaceful courtyards with rich cultural traditions to shape an extraordinary, luxury experience in destination travel.

The Alila Hotel uses mainly local materials and works with the landscape to protect natural habitats and mitigate its environmental effects. The architectural scheme of the resort reflects these efforts, fitting seamlessly and graciously with its natural environment. The materials used to create the hotel were sourced locally and an abundance of eco-friendly red laterite stone brick in the area can be seen throughout the hotel. The protection and conservation of the local ecosystem was of utmost importance from the very beginning of the design of the hotel, bearing in mind that the current forest trees are intact and that the surrounding rice paddy fields are protected.

Furthermore, this makes the property a paradise for bird watchers as many migratory and local birds nest here. The Alila Hotel Goa is committed to working with the community in the city. They help the Father Basilio Andrade Memorial Higher Secondary School in improving its condition and its facilities, among their community projects. Also, they have opportunities for work and training: local community members have joined their team to support guests with transportation requirements and even meal preparation at the staff cafeteria. In partnership with the local village youth, they also maintain an area along the beachfront.

Undoubtedly an architectural marvel, the Alila Hotel Goa is indeed a sight to behold!

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