deograh palace in udaipur

What is the wonder of the Deogarh Mahal Rajasthan?

As soon as you view the Deogarh Mahal, you will recognize that its rulers must have been strong players in the aristocracy of Mewar, their magnificent fort a worthy stronghold for one of their sixteen “umraos” – the top feudal barons attending on Udaipur’s Maharana. A magnificent Deogarh Mahal history unfolds in fron tof our eyes. Even so, you cannot actually infer that the Deogarh Rawats (a local title similar to “Raja”) once ruled over Rajasthan’s fourth-largest jagir. Their territories comprised some 210 villages at its most expansive, with one of their defensive forts as far as 100 km north. But their Deogarh Mahal Rajasthan contains no ostentation, and even less gold. Like most of the nobles of Mewar, they spent so much time struggling to have anything to spare to amass great riches. And yet, if one of their ancestors had a better sense of humour, Mewar’s throne may have belonged to them. Indeed, a fascinating Deogarh Mahal history, isn’t it?

The doorway into the front courtyard of the Deogarh Mahal passes under the “Kacheri” where justice has been administered and instantly reminds us that they possess life and limb powers over their subjects. Then, the richly decorated entrance to the Deogarh Mahal takes us up through a series of narrow corridors and staircases, past a few small family shrines. (A bigger access road would have been more difficult to defend!) But, consider how well-worn the steps are opposed to other parts of the palace.

This is the area that has seen the heavy traffic, the villagers who come to pay their feudal dues or are looking for some judicial remedy. Their company took them only up to the first floor, where the departments of taxation and general administration were situated at the front of the building.

Emerging into the second floor where the hotel’s house-keeping desk is now housed, it is hard to believe that this little “piazza” was a comparatively late addition to the palace, proudly displaying the white marble Deogarh Mahal throne. Witness the splendor of such fascinating architecture today!

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