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What are the Uramma Heritage Cottages?

The Uramma Heritage Cottages are located in the ancient Anegundi settlement, dating back to the 8th century. With simple and picturesque access to the Hampi World Heritage Site, Anegundi is situated on the north shore of the Tungabhadra River. In homage to the village goddess and guardian Uramma, the brand ‘Uramma’ was created. Their mission is to restore iconic heritage properties rooted in the region’s distinctive architectural traditions and provide a high standard of contemporary comfort for a global public.

The properties of Uramma Heritage Homes Hampi provide a unique blend of rural hospitality and modern conveniences. Undoubtedly, the Uramma Heritage Cottages have become the backbone of the idea to promote a rural and sustainable growth while preserving the heritage. Using locally available materials and skills, the Uramma Heritage Homes Hampi management designs product lines, experiences, and interactions.

Uramma Heritage Cottages have invited architects and designers to come and work on the documentation of the humble yet distinctive architecture that has evolved in the area. Furthermore, the Uramma Cottages Hampi have hosted photographers, dancers, teachers, historians, writers, IT specialists, and many more individuals from different sectors. The Uramma Cottages Hampi are truly a treat for photographers. The artistic experience oozing from the Uramma House Homestay can be captured in so many different lights.

The Uramma House Homestay is situated close to the Talwarkatta boat crossing point, a five-minute walk from the premises. From here, a short journey will take you from to the heart of the Hampi World Heritage site, which is another wonder for photographers. Uramma Hampi offers an oasis of tranquillity and peace, where every individual can find a congenial workspace along with a blissful inspiration to live life to the fullest. A truly beautiful and rich natural environment, Uramma Hampi is one of the best hotels in the spectacular heritage site.

Go on, visit the Uramma Heritage Cottages in Hampi and indulge in a mesmerizing experience like no other!

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