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How ravishing is The Tamara Coorg?

Verdant greens, beautifully aromatic coffee, cardamom, and pepper plantations, lovely streams and gushing waterfalls, all encountered in a breathtaking eco-resort: The Tamara Coorg.

You will find here all the hallmarks of a rejuvenating holiday that you can keep remembering for a lifetime!  The Tamara Coorg is a luxurious experience snuggled in the heart of the hills, where the joy of living in nature can be rediscovered; where your search for serenity ends. The Tamara Resort occupies an area of 180 acres and is over 3,500 feet above sea level. Here, you’ll discover nature and luxury at their finest as you wake up to a stunning view and the hills’ soothing quiet, broken only by the chirping birds and the soft rustle of leaves.

The forest therapy experience provided by The Tamara Resort is influenced by Japanese philosophies and aims to provide guests with the opportunity to indulge themselves in natural surroundings, soaking in optimistic forest energies. Furthermore, Coorg’s treks feature breathtaking trails, viewpoints, and waterfalls, enriched by the fresh breeze and soothing bird chirping. A plantation tour also gives visitors a close look at plantations with coffee, cardamom, and pepper – their special sights, smells and activities. You can  admire the Western Ghats for their lavish biodiversity here. What more? You can check out a wide range of birds while enjoying an exciting bird walk!

The Tamara Coorg’s peaceful surroundings create the perfect atmosphere for a revitalising yoga session. Their in-house expert yoga teacher will tailor your session to perfection! In a number of beautiful spots at the resort, you can even enjoy a private gourmet meal under the vast open sky. You can pulp fresh berries in the mornings, grade them, roast them, grind them with your own hands to prepare the ultimate aromatic cup of coffee! All guests will have access to a state-of-the-art gym and fitness studio for workouts using advanced fitness equipment. A number of spaces for a wide range of activities-outdoor sports, state-of-the-art business retreat, indoor games, and much more are available at The Tamara Coorg! You can even relax at the indoor and outdoor swimming pools with a drink in hand! Luxury, isn’t it? Explore the charm of The Tamara Coorg today!

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