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Fabulous Goa WeddingFabulous Goa Wedding

How fun is a wedding in Goa?

A fusion of excitement and tradition, a destination wedding in Goa is a sight to behold! There are several beautiful Goa wedding resorts by the stunning beaches that make for the best Goa wedding videos and Goa wedding pics. From pool parties to elaborate rituals a wedding in Goa beach is sure to be one cherished experience! With the right Goa wedding planners and Goa wedding photographers, you are sure to have the most thrilling and exotic wedding in Goa!

Let’s go on a journey of crazy fun and holy rituals with Manasvi and Zoher as they get hitched for life in their wedding in Goa beach.


How did their fire begin?

Manasvi and Zoher first met in 2006 in Math tuition when they were studying for their engineering entrance exams. The first time they spoke on the phone was when Zoher called her to ask for help on a Math problem that he already knew how to solve. Smart as Manasvi is, she gave him the wrong answer at which point he actually stopped and corrected her. Since then, they always stayed in touch even though they were never in the same college. Sweetly, a year after they started talking, Zoher asked her out. After the completion of their Engineering courses, they both decided to go abroad.

Zoher pursued Computer Science in UPenn, Philadelphia and Manasvi pursued something creative at Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh. Fascinatingly, their spark continued to live on despite never being physically close to each other! After college, they moved to two different coasts in the country. Zoher lived and worked in New York while Manasvi was in San Francisco. After about two years, they finally moved to the same city. Their flaming passion even after nine years made them decide that it was time to take the plunge and get married.


What was their defining moment?

Zoher proposed to Manasvi in the sweetest way possible. One day, he invited her to go over to his place before heading out for dinner. When she reached his apartment after work, it was completely decorated with string lights and candles. Once she entered through the door, he told her that he had a little treasure hunt inside the apartment. Each of the rooms had a little gift that was based on conversations they had at some point. And of course, the last gift was the ring itself. When she finally got to it, Zoher went down on one knee and asked her if she would marry him. Excitedly, Manasvi said “yes”. Then, they went out to savour dinner to her favorite restaurant and celebrated. Soon, they called their loving and accepting parents and shared the news with much happiness. This culminated in the sight of their fabulous destination wedding in Goa.


How did their wedding in Goa look like? 

As Zoher is Bohri (Muslim) and Manasvi is Gujarati, they did not want to pick one of their marriage traditions. Instead, they decided to do something different. Interestingly, they made their Goa wedding style filled Indian traditions so that they got married in a way that meant something to both of them. They planned on having a baraat and doli that would lead to the wedding. The wedding itself would be vows, ring and garland exchange, speeches by their parents and a few fun traditions like Zoher carrying her to break a coconut, and so on.

Their wedding was set to happen in Cidade De Goa, one of the best Goa wedding resorts that gave a fantastic view of sunset by the beach! Their Goa wedding planners gave their Sangeet a Gatsby theme. And undoubtedly, Manasvi and Zoher looked ravishing in their Goa wedding dress.

Goa Event Planner: Purple Tree Events

Goa Wedding Dress: Manasvi: Sabyasachi for the wedding, Nandita Thirani for sangeet, and Jade by Monica & Karishma for mehendi; Zoher: Sabyasachi for wedding and Shyamal Bhumika for sangeet

Goa Wedding Photographers: Destination Photographers


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