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How wonderful are photojournalism wedding shots?

Consider for a moment that you are organizing a wedding in a world that has not yet invented photography and motion pictures. All else is the same but there is no way to record it. Everything you’d have are your memories and the tales everyone else has told you. Visualize how your wedding day will unravel. What’d you do this morning? Will you be getting up early, or sleeping in? Would you like to have a salon or barbershop appointment? Will your best friends and family, in frenzied preparation, be buzzing around you or are you the sort to plan by yourself while deep in thought and reflective practice? Do you want help getting dressed? Will you start getting nervous? Excited? Giddy with anticipation? Think of all that and the other pieces too: the look she gives you, the smile on his lips, a flush here, some tears there, great interactions all over, and enough embraces to leave your shoulders sore the next morning.

Now, think of all those truly unposed, unprompted, and natural moments depicted as photographs: these are the photojournalism wedding shots. Photojournalism wedding photography is a photographic unadulterated representation of the genuine emotions and relationships that bring to life your unique personalities. Undoubtedly, photojournalism wedding photography is a visual history of your wedding day which is unposed and undirected. True photojournalism wedding photographers have a non-intrusive presence that allows them to catch unstaged moments without interfering with their development or modifying the scene. The influence of a photojournalist over a photograph is limited to its timing, field of view, and exposure settings on their cameras. Photojournalism for the wedding requires a great sense of excitement, imagination, and quick thinking. The results of such a wedding photojournalism style are a truly timeless visual image of your wedding day, its spirit, your love and marriage, and the wonderful cast of personalities that are your family and close friends.

Let’s witness the marvelous wedding photojournalism style through the work of photojournalism wedding photographers who filmed the bliss of Navjeet and Navjeet’s union.


Who are these sweethearts?

Navjeet Kaur, the bride, was born and raised in Dubai. Later, she moved to Canada. A very focused woman, she is an Analyst, coffee aficionado, and foodie. She thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and staying active.

Navjeet Singh Chhabra, the groom, was born and raised in Ahmedabad. He has moved to London and from there, to the US. Much like his bride, Navjeet is also an Analyst, coffee aficionado, and foodie. True soulmates to each other, he also loves the outdoors and enjoys staying active like Navjeet.


How did their fire begin?

Navjeet and Navjeet! Two people with the same name falling in love! Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Well, it sure is. In the age of Tinder and Bumble, they met on Shaadi.com. Within two weeks of talking, they decided to meet each other at Syracuse, the midpoint. Three years later, they got engaged! Truly striking and rare, meeting someone with the same name and connecting on so many levels is wonderfully captivating.


How charming were their photojournalism wedding shots?

Navjeet and Navjeet had a really fun, eventful, and colorful Sikh wedding at the YMCA International Center, Ahmedabad. They craved for a destination or resort that would be best for their families to stay at and do many activities together for the duration of their wedding. YMCA, with its marvelous architectural layout and opportunities for activities, made the cut. Inevitably, they wished for their wedding to be captured in a narrative style and photojournalism was the way to go! Determined to make the best of their wedding, they decided to take a look at the finest photojournalism in India. After going through the many photojournalism in India portfolios, they zeroed in on Destination Photographers as their chosen best photojournalist in India. With their photojournalism photography arrangements in place, their bliss was captured in its truest sense by their photographers. Witness the charm of art in their photojournalism wedding shots clicked by their chosen photojournalist in India!

The vendors that brought out the captivating beauty of their photojournalism wedding shots were:

Caterers: YMCA International Center

Photojournalism Photography: Destination Photographers


Why choose Destination Photographers for your photojournalism wedding shots?

We, at Destination Photographers, as your photojournalists promise to capture your unposed, truest moments with exuberant finesse and love. Undoubtedly, you will receive a fabulous bundle of memories in the form of your photojournalistic shots!



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