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London style wedding photography in Udaipur

How to choose the best wedding photographer in London for your destination wedding in India?

If you are a couple living in London wishing to have a destination wedding in India, the most important part of planning would be to hire the finest wedding photographer in London and India. You would want the standards of your photographer in India to be as high as a photographer in London UK. In order to do this, you will have to look for famous photographer in Instagram India and London. Once you do some extensive research on the famous photographer in Instagram, you can shortlist keeping in mind an appealing photographer Instagram bio and portfolio. Ensure that in your initial shortlisting process, you pick a list of best photographer in Instagram that resonates with the vibe that you want in your photographs. It is even better if your pick for the top photographer in Instagram is also a videographer. Read the photographer Instagram bio with care and understand exactly how well-renowned are your options for the top photographer Instagram India and London. For the final selection process, conduct an interview with all the shortlisted photographer in London UK and India and ask them for their experience in shooting weddings in India and abroad. Once you find the one best photographer in Instagram who you can connect with most, you are all set for a wonderful package of memories!

Let’s now witness the splendour of the union of Suraj and Jyothi, a couple from London, tying the knot in Udaipur, India. Their chosen best photographer in London and India was Team Destination Photographers. 


Who are these loves?

Suraj is a Gujarati who lives in London. 

Jyothi is a South Indian who also lives in London.


What is their story?

Suraj and Jyoti met through a common friend in London, and after about a month, they began dating for almost two and a half years. And here they are, cherishing their union in all glory.


What did their wedding in Udaipur look like?

Suraj and Jyothi wished to have a ravishing destination wedding at Udaipur, a truly spectacular location for uniting in love. The scenic view of the ‘City of Lakes’ truly made their traditional Indian wedding a sight to behold! Vibrant and ecstatic was the mood of their union all alon!


Why choose Destination Photographers as your photographer in London and India?

We, at Destination Photographers, bring to you a promise of the highest standards of quality and finesse. With a storytelling vibe, you have the guarantee of receiving a blissful package of memories from us!

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