What services do you provide?

Architectural photography, wedding, Lifestyle shoot, travel photography, documentry photography. As part of Lifestyle Shoots we take up Portrait sessions, Pre-wedding/post wedding sessions, Boudoir, Honeymoon photography, Family vacation photography, Maternity & new born sessions.

Wedding Photography:

Candid photography: focuses on the couple and the 1st family, shoots mostly creative, photojournalistic, non-posing pictures.

Traditional photography: Documentation of extended family and guests, traditions and rituals, set and décor.

Wedding Cinematic Movie:

This will cover the gist of the entire wedding in creative way. Difference between videography and cinematography is just like the difference between candid and traditional pictures. Cinematic video will be more creative, will have script writing, interviews, as if you are watching a cinematic film except the actors will be replaced by real life couple. The Equipments, expertise and edit is far more superior to normal wedding videography.

What is your style of wedding photography?

We love story telling. What you will have eventually from us is a photostory narrating your journey. The photography would be mix of Creative, Candid, conceptual, Contemporary, Photojournalistic style. For us, its not only important to shoot wedding festivities but also to shoot you throughout the day – even if you are doing nothing – spending time with your friends and family, getting ready as well as some classy posed portraits of the couple and their first family.

What all do you cover in a wedding?

We shoot right from the Bride and the Groom getting ready until all the wedding festivities are over. For example, in a wedding, this would include shots of Bridal make-up, jewelry, outfits, venue, decor, bride and groom getting ready, their portraits – individual and together, portraits of immediate family members, guests that actively participate in the wedding, all the ceremonies & rituals – creative close-ups and documentary wide angle shots. In addition to this, we will consider any particular shots that the client requests and we will try our best to get all those shots. But, due to various unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control, we may not be able to guarantee all of these shots. On the last day, the shoot will conclude at the wedding venue. Bidaai will be covered only if it is right after the wedding. We avoid taking pictures of people eating. We shoot around 6-10 hours a day.

What is your team strength?

Our approach is extremely photojournalistic and hence we work with minimal people so that there is less feeling of intrusion in a wedding. In general to cover both sides, there will be 3 photographers, 3 cinematographer, 1 manager, 1 help and 1 drone operator.

What kind of equipment do you shoot with?

Cameras: Full frame canon 5dmark 3, 5d mark 4, Super slow motion camera Sony A7s II

Lenses: Prime lenses: (for the best quality and sharpness purpose we function with mostly prime lenses) 16 35mm f 2 8L II usm, 70 200mm f 2.8L is II usm, 85 mm f 1.2L is II usm , 50mm f 1.2L usm, 100mm f 2.8 macro usm, 135 mm f 2 USM, 24 mm 1.4 USM, 24-70 mm, 70-200 mm

Aerial Photo: Dji Mavic Pro. We will use it as and when we feel the need to during baraat, open venues, etc.

Other Equipments: Triggered speed lights, flash guns etc to be used in low light conditions We also shoot with Sony.For Audio its Zoomh6n, Sennheiser sets, Slider. Konova k5, Manfrotto monopod, Manfrotto tripods, Ronin-m, Glide cam and much more

What is the deliveries and project timeline for a wedding?

Photography: 300-350 edited pictures per day. Standard delivery of all images will be on digital media (i.e.HDD/pendrive/ dropbox). They will be in 2 versions of these soft copies, low resolution and high resolution. Photobox: (optional)

Cinematography: 2-5 min trailer of wedding and different events. 20-40 min Creative Cinematic HD film of the entire wedding journey. It includes: titles of the wedding couple, interviews, special moments, over all event coverage) Traditional film (optional): 1-3 hours traditional film covering the whole wedding.

Delivery of the final works would take approximately 120-150 working days, from the day of final payment. Once the soft copies of pictures and videos submitted by us, the correction and photobox delivery time will be decided upon how fast the client reverts with the selection process. Upto 1 correction is allowed, rest will be on chargeable basis.

How do you charge for wedding?

Our charges are for the whole day as we not only document the ceremonies but we document the festivity of the whole day. Its the whole journey we want to narrate visually. i.e. getting ready moments, spending free time with friends and family, their rush, their inside room celebrations to playful banters all would come under candid photography. The average working hours for a candid photographer would range from 6-10 hours per day. If the hours extend on the main wedding day, it could be compensated with the earlier days. We are flexible if informed prior

How do we book you and whats the next process?

You can book us by paying 50% advance. As soon as you book us, we will commence with the interview process.We would be conducting an informal interview with you guys in order to understand your taste/ likes/ dislikes

Will there be different charges if you travel out of your city?

No. The shoot and service charge doesn’t change. Only the Air fare, stay and hospitality needs to be taken care of as per the actual

You are currently out of my budget. are your charges negotiable?

Generally, in western culture, people put more than 50% of their wedding budget for photography. They exactly know that everything is momentray except photos. Hence that’s one thing they want to do it right. If our prices are out of your budget, you could try just photography from us. Negotiation is not something we do because we believe that skill and hard work needs to be valued. We request you to understand that because we do not compromise on the amount of effort we put in, we cannot compromise on the payment.

Would it be ok for the bride and groom’s families to have separate photography teams?

It is always preferable to hire one single team to shoot both the sides (bride’s and groom’s).
 Reason being: It will be economical for you. We take unconventional angles to take pictures; hence there would be less intrusion of other photographers in your final pictures. Having multiple teams might get a bit crowded and add to the chaos instead of helping. If there are events happening at different locations, we can also split the team accordingly. If you still insist on hiring a separate team, we only ask that you inform them that our team will be given priority. We will not hamper their work and expect the same in return. Having said this, we will definitely try our best to make the experience as smooth and memorable as possible for you.

How early should we book you for wedding?

We generally get booked six months in advance. Sometimes, we get booked a year before too. Since we believe in immaculately planning, we spend a lot of time in preproduction. Interviews, Coordinating with planners and décor, makeup artist’s permission, planning family portrait session, giving you a few drills to work on will require time.

Can we have the raw data?

Yes. Cos whatever we shoot, will be mainly cherished by you the most. We choose probably 5% of the raw pictures as final selection and there are very high chances that some raw images would be of utmost importance to you.

Although we have a few conditions: It is only meant for you to view it privately and not to be shared to anyone else. It is only to be opened post we submit our final submission and only in case if you think we have missed anything. It's a lot of data- trial n test shots, nnecessary shots. Hence we insist on no one to be seeing it. It's our incomplete work process that we are handing it out to you. It's difficult to explain how much work goes behind the selection, edits, n correct manner of presenting n this is precisely why we talk time as we are shooting more than 40-50 projects a year. A lot of photographer don't even give the raw data due to the same reason.

Can i request you not to publish our images as it’s a very private affair?

According to the law, the official photographer has all the rights and permissions of the pictures they take. But rest assure, we will only be using these pictures for ethical propagation of our involvement with the shoot, extending to online platforms. Rest assured, we will not use these images for commercial purposes, only for promoting our work. If you don’t want us to publish the images on our site, we charge an additional 50% of the total bill amount because we get more work only when we showcase our existing work. If we were not able to do so, you, as a prospective client, would not have been able to find and hire us. It is only fair that all the other prospective clients are also able to see the good work that we do at your wedding.

Are there any TNC’s we should know before booking you for our wedding??
  • By paying the advance amount as stated above the Client agrees that
  • Team Destination Photographers is appointed as the photographers for the events stated above
  • Destination Photographers shall have all rights and permissions for the ethical propagation of their involvement with the shoot, extending to online platforms
  • The booking fee is non-refundable. They shall pay 50% of amount of fees in advance. The advance is to be adjusted against final settlement of fees. However, in case due to any reason they cancel the above stated event or cancel this assignment of photography this advance shall be liable to be forfeited by us
  • Once advance is given then only the dates would be frozen and the interview process shall start. The balance fees shall be paid one week before the event starts
  • Instances where function days get changed or additional days get added to events, an extra cost will be charged
  • On the last day, the shoot will conclude at the wedding venue. Bidaai will be covered only if its right after the wedding
  • 2 separate hard discs of 2 TB each shall be given to us at beginning of the first event to store all their raw data. One disc would be kept with us and the other will be returned to the clients as a back up. It is understood that backup shall be kept by us up till 3 years of the event. Also for raw videos once we submit the works, pls take 2-3 back ups, as we will only be preserving the raw data for pictures
  • In case of any rare, unfortunate circumstances on our part, the above assignment is to be cancelled then the advance taken shall be refunded without interest or a substitute team may be arranged
  • Any concerns from deliveries we made needs to be raised with in 15 days from date of delivery. We will look into your concerns and try to help you in best possible way. Please note that once we have delivered and erased data from our systems, it very difficult for us do any changes based on your concerns
  • Destination Photographers and Client/s shall be excused from their obligations hereunder in the event of proven sickness, accident, riot, strike, epidemic, act of God or any other legitimate condition or occurrence beyond their respective control
  • Clients agree and acknowledge having read and understood all the rules and regulations given here
  • Should any dispute arise between destination photographers and client, the same shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Civil Courts in Ahmedabad and shall be governed in accordance with the Indian Laws