About Us


e are a team of dreamers, goal setters and now almost nomads. We never turn an adventure down. Based out of India, we also travel internationally. Photographing real life from Brazil to India, and everywhere in between! We find inspiration through learning new cultures and ideas. We are addicted to the adrenaline rush of photography. We believe that everyone has a story. Ours is very sincere. Stories are how we make sense of the world. It is a deep impulse.

We specialise in Architectural, Wedding, Lifestyle, Travel, Documentary and Childbirth photography.

Our wedding photography has always been based on great communication with the bride and groom. Commitment to excellence goes far beyond photography. Whether we make couples do certain drills, ask them to make pinterest boards, study the family tree, we will probably dance at the sangeet/ baarat, or even follow them into the pool after a wedding

We believe that photography should be fun…LOTS of fun. Genuine. Truly you.

We are not a fan of posing or faking moments. These are all real life, real couples, real people, real moments, real feelings. If you’re into real, raw, crazy once-in-a-lifetime moments, we hope you’ll choose us to tell your story through our lens. The passport is always up to date. We travel worldwide, year-round. When you look back at your photos from your wedding day, you won’t just smile because they are pretty pictures, you will also grin with the exhilaration of the experience all over again.

Wedding Story


e also head a team of female childbirth photographers, which is a fresh endeavor. Whilst we frequently photograph the cherished memories of our marriage, we miss out on recording the intimacy of the birth of our children.

We spend our lives photographing our children but ignore the first yawns, cries and squeals they make upon entering the world.

Our work is entirely confidential, and we are very careful to create trust with the parents and the gynecologists alike: sterilization, no flesh and no interference.

We work closely in building a relationship with the gynecologists so that they help us find unobtrusive spaces and capture memorable moments.

Our architectural photography is born out of our own architectural training and our close relationship with CEPT as an alumnus.

We bond closely with architects, and ensure we photograph their work with the best kit possible to build a platform for the world to view their creations.

We use many different photographic techniques to ensure people appreciate the build from every angle and light, such as HDR lighting, Panoramas, or Virtual Walks, and we collude with architects to the very end, establishing their preference in post-processing.